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Expert Advice is a product of American Dental Software, targeted towards dentists who want to remain accessible to patients seeking expert dental care services. Since its inception in 2004, American Dental Software has strived to provide the best internet marketing services exclusively for dentists, as it is founded by one.

Its collaborative team of software developers, marketing experts, creative writers, ingenious designers and intellectuals put forth rigorous efforts in eliminating obstacles for the smooth and efficient functioning of the dental practice. Some of their handiwork includes customized dental websites, search engine optimization, blogging, call tracking and recording, patient education videos, reception area videos, online HIPAA compliant forms and secure e-mail services.

It all started when Dr. Keerthi Senthil (co-founder) yearned to help out and be there for her patients, even when she could not physically be present in their midst. And thus began the conception of Expert Advice — a portal where patients, from the comfort of their home, can interact and get a free video consultation from their trusted dentists.

Moreover, being incredibly qualified and an expert dentist herself, she wasn't able to convert leads into customers. But with the ideation and implementation of Expert Advice, her efforts achieved success. Now she seeks to make the lives of her fellow dentists more fulfilling by ensuring efficiency in their practice. And so, here is Expert Advice making millions of dentists smile. Not to forget, their patients too.

Expert Advice is just here to make lives easier. Patients can "drop in" virtually without having to take the pain of travelling to the dentist's office. A pic of their dental problem along with a message of what ails them is all what is required for the dentist to come to their rescue.

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